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Welcome to Repton Community Trust

We are a Kent based charity dedicated to "putting the heart in Repton" by working with the community in and around the Repton Park area of Ashford.

As we move into a new phase of this journey it is important for us to reflect on the last three months. What we've done, who we've supported, what you've told us you needed...

Our People's Pantry project is run by community members to address food insecurity. Seventy local people formed a Facebook group and have started to run the pantry together. We provide free donations of food and hygiene items to people in need.

Pick up your pencils, pens or crayons and create something for our Repton Connect drawing competition!

Repton Connect Community Centre

Look out for updates new activities on our website, follow us on Twitter @ReptonCT, find us on Facebook, or call us on 01233 80 80 23.

How can I help my community?

Repton Community Trust is made up from members of the community like you! Please get involved and help us with putting the heart in Repton.

Repton Connect

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