Repton Community Trust


Some information about who we are and what we do

What is Repton Community Trust?

It is a charity run by local people and was formed in the summer of 2016.

The trust’s vision is: Putting the heart in Repton. This to be done initially through the successful opening and running of Repton Connect Community Centre.

The trust’s mission is: Provide an excellent place for people to connect and build community.

Who are the people running Repton Community Trust?

The trust is run by a team of local people called trustees. Trustees are not paid for their role – they are all volunteers.

Repton Community Trust is also supported by Ashford Borough Council and Ashford Volunteer Centre, as well as other organisations who provide specialist advice and support.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about Repton Community Trust, speak to us and we will do our best to asnwer them.